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Jamia Matrimonial in New Delhi

Find Your Perfect Match at Jamia Matrimonial

Are you searching for a life partner who not only shares your values and beliefs but also follows the teachings of Islam? At Jamia Matrimonial, we are here to assist you in connecting with like-minded individuals within the Jamia community who prioritize Islamic principles in their lives. Our platform is dedicated to bringing together individuals who are committed to preserving the Islamic traditions and values that matter to you.

Jamia Matrimonial is not just another matrimonial platform. We were founded by the community, for the community, with a deep understanding of the importance of Islamic compatibility. We believe that finding a partner who shares your faith and upholds Islamic traditions is the key to a successful and blessed life. Whether you're looking for a partner who understands the cultural and religious nuances that are integral to your faith, we are here to assist you on your journey to find the perfect match according to Islamic principles.

About Jamia Matrimonial

Jamia Matrimonial is deeply committed to upholding the Islamic traditions and values that are central to the Jamia community. We understand the profound significance of finding a life partner who not only shares your background but also follows the teachings of Islam. We believe that a marriage founded on strong Islamic principles is a source of blessing and harmony.

Our platform has successfully united thousands of satisfied individuals, and we have earned a reputation for trust and reliability. We offer a safe and secure space for you to connect with potential life partners who are equally devoted to their faith. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your journey to finding the right partner is not only enjoyable but also fulfilling, in accordance with Islamic principles. We're more than just a matrimonial service; we're your trusted partner in this sacred chapter of your life.

Search Profiles That Match Your Islamic Values

Finding your ideal match according to Islamic principles is now easier than ever with Jamia Matrimonial. We understand that your faith and values matter, and we provide advanced search filters that allow you to customize your search based on Islamic criteria. Your privacy and safety are our top priorities, and we have a rigorous profile verification process to ensure the authenticity of profiles on our platform.

By using our search filters, you can confidently browse through verified profiles, knowing that you are connecting with individuals who are devout in their adherence to Islamic traditions. We aim to make the process of finding a life partner not only efficient but also in accordance with Islamic principles. Your journey to love, companionship, and a blessed life begins here.

Real Success Stories, Real Inspiration in Islam

Wondering if Jamia Matrimonial works in accordance with Islamic principles? Look no further than our success stories. We take pride in the inspiring stories of individuals who found love and happiness through our platform, guided by their faith in Islam. These are real individuals who, just like you, were searching for a partner who shares their Islamic values and beliefs. Read their stories, and you'll see that true  supported by Islamic principles, knows no boundaries.

Our success stories showcase the diversity of the Jamia community and how our platform has successfully united individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and Islamic traditions. These stories offer a glimpse into the happiness and fulfillment that can be found through Jamia Matrimonial, all while adhering to the principles of Islam.

Get in Touch - We're Here to Help, in the Spirit of Islam

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Our motto is “We are not here to judge but to understand” so feel free to join us anytime! We are looking forward to having you as one of our members so please feel free to join our free Muslim rishtey WhatsApp Group!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact JamiaShadi, Muslim Marriage Bureau in New Delhi to open an account for other? 

Yes, you can submit profile details for other. You can contact JamiaShadi among all Free Muslim Matrimonial Sites to discuss the other important information you need to the process.

Can everyone see it when my photo is uploaded to site?

JamiaShadi does not have option to upload photo on this website.

We match manually based on your profile details only and request photo personally on WhatsApp. We always respect our customers privacy.


Does JamiaShadi Muslim Matrimonial also help find marriage for Muslim divorcees or widows?

Yes, the JamiaShadi, Muslim marriage bureau near you in New Delhi can help you to find divorced Muslims bride's and grooms and also widows for second nikah.


Can I register for free or do I have to pay a certain amount to create an account on this JamiaShadi site?

JamiaShadi, Muslim marriage bureau in New Delhi offers two options. You can register here like other free Muslim marriage matrimonial sites and create a profile and use the premium service with some additional features.​

Contact Details:

Email id:

Mobile Number: +919934743181

New Delhi

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